I know how important relationships are to you. Relationships make life both meaningful and enjoyable. So let's use chocolate to build meaningful relationships!

But not all chocolate is created equally ... Let me help you take the guesswork out of buying a great bar of craft chocolate.

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Chocolate tasting should be FUN not intimidating!

We all know that chocolate is delicious, but there is so much fun to be had when people taste it together! Take some time to unwind and join us as we enjoy some of the world's best chocolate together!

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A craft chocolate bar is like a person, unique and special. 

Chocolate is such a beautiful metaphor for life as each chocolate maker is able to express themselves in the chocolate they create.  Sometimes, it takes time to savor a particular bar of chocolate to appreciate its finer points. The same philosophy can be applied to people. It takes special and unique opportunities to connect individuals.

Chocolate is the perfect medium to facilitate connections, as the research shows that 9 out of 10 people like chocolate. There is nothing out there that brings people together like chocolate. So let's use it to build relationships!

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Greetings! It's nice to meet you!

I am Chocolate and Relationship Expert, Dr. Kalei Ross. I have my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and practiced in the field for years. I am the author of the Gourmand Award-Winning book "In Pursuit of Purity, The Paris Chocolate Files," and have been featured on the KATU ABC 2 Afternoon Live Show and in the Los Angeles Wire. However, my real blessing in life is being a wife, mother, and dedicated servant of the Lord. I enjoy indulging in all things chocolate, from researching to sampling and especially savoring. 

I spent the past few years learning as much as I can about all facets of chocolate and the craft chocolate world. In doing such, I have found a way to combine my experience and training in Clinical Psychology and my love and expertise in chocolate to offer unique "chocolate interpersonal experiences" designed to provide practical tools to connect and enhance communication in relationships from the boardroom to the bedroom. Whether you are an individual looking to develop friendships, a couple desiring to deepen your relationship, or a company needing to strengthen your team, chocolate interpersonal experiences serve as the perfect tool to do just that.

Join me and let's have fun building relationships with chocolate!

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Create Deeper Connections For Corporate Team Building

An expert-curated chocolate tasting is a fantastic way to help team members begin engaging in active two-way communication. It doesn’t matter whether your staff has been experiencing conflict or morale issues, chocolate is such a great way to connect people and facilitate receptivity to group growth. Host a Chocolate Connection Experience to strengthen relationships, improve productivity, and supercharge your team!

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Li Chen, DC  - Chiropractor

"This was the best 'team building' experience I’ve encountered. I feel I have something I can do to help this group thrive better and I feel heard."

Omar Flores, DC  - Chiropractor

"Dr. Ross is great, our staff was provided with stimulating conversation and we each learned something about our coworkers."

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Dr. Kalei Ross In The Media

Chocolate is everywhere, and so is Dr. Kalei Ross! Check out the various shows and publications that she has been featured in.

Dr. Kalei in the Media

Looking for a beautiful and exciting chocolate getaway but can't travel to Paris? 

I have the perfect solution! Let me bring Paris to you! In my 2020 Gourmand Award-Winning book "In Pursuit of Purity, The Paris Chocolate Files" you will be whisked away to Paris to tour some of the world’s most famous chocolate shops and discover chocolatiers who have spent generations mastering the art of chocolate. Learn the secrets and history behind each one as I guide you across Paris In Pursuit of Purity.

Download the book $19.99

François Royal  - ParisienStar Best Selling Author Awards

"It is by far the most beautiful and delightful journey to the world's finest chocolatiers in Paris France. Reading this book is a real journey from door to door of fine chocolate shops Debauve et Gallais to Patrick Roger, enjoying Roche bonbon and praline bonbon. It is the pride of France and this is a must-read book before or after visiting Paris to discover chocolate corners or bring back beautiful memories of your Parisien trip.

Merci Kalei Ross for this beautiful gift to the world of French chocolate."

Yuriy Kuprikov -Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

“Working with Kalei was an extreme pleasure as she was able to provide a very descriptive and informative presentation on the history of chocolate, the production process, and the science behind chocolate tasting. Throughout the preparation process, Kalei always had a hands-on approach and tailored the presentation to be as interactive with the audience as possible. We’ve heard amazing feedback from all the guests.”

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Making friends is hard and challenging. But everyone wants friendship and connections. 
They say M&M's make friends. If that's true, then imagine what craft chocolate will do for making friends!
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