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The Cradle of Cacao -

The Ultimate Mexican Chocolate Tasting Experience

Learn and experience Mexico's contribution to the chocolate industry with Cuna De Piedra's cofounder Enrique Perez and In Pursuit of Purity's Kalei Ross. In addition, you will learn about mezcal, while also tasting three of Cuna De Piedra's chocolate, one of which is made with mezcal. 

I'm In! This Is My Kind of Tasting!

Bean To Bar Sensory Tasting Experience

Embark on a Chocolate Journey: Uncover the Secrets of Craft Chocolate! Indulge your senses in an extraordinary experience where we delve into the art of chocolate appreciation. Taste, savor, and discover the magic behind craft chocolate as we explore the essence of cacao from bean to bar. Join us for an unforgettable sensory adventure ā€“ because great chocolate is more than a treat; it's an experience!

Count Me In: A Ticket to the Irresistible Chocolate Experience!

An Exclusive Interview and Intimate Tasting with Chocolate Meticheā€™s Founder FabiolaĀ 

Delve into the inspiring story of Fabiola, the founder of Chocolate Metiche, as she shares how the challenges of the pandemic propelled her to create a brand of award-winning chocolate. Following the interview,Ā prepare to be wowed as she guides us through an exclusive chocolate tasting of her own Mexican-inspired chocolate creations.

I Can't Resist the Allure of This Irresistible Chocolate Experience!