Chocolate Tasting Should Be FUN Not Intimidating!

Join Our Fun-Filled, Chocolate-Tasting Virtual Events & Indulge In Some Of The Most Delicious Chocolates In The World!

Say “bye, bye” to pretentious tastings and “HELLO!” to FUN!

Many people have shared how they dislike participating in tastings because they seem pretentious and intimidating. Join me as we say “bye, bye” to pretentious tastings and “HELLO!” to a fun and lighthearted experience of learning about and tasting chocolate.

If you like to smile, laugh, talk, and listen to what others have to share, all while tasting some of the world's best craft chocolates, then these chocolate-tasting events are perfect for you! 

Indulge in your passion for chocolate by tasting some of the most exquisite chocolates on the planet today!

“Unplug” from stressors at work, or in your relationships, and have a fun-filled experience for a most welcome distraction!

Curious to learn what makes craft chocolate so special? Let's taste some to find out!

What makes craft chocolate special is the human element in every aspect of the process that can be tasted with each bite. Come along and bring your friends on a tasting journey as we savor and experience the joys of craft chocolate! 

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Chocolate & Mezcal ... A Fine Combination!

Like mezcal? Like chocolate? Well, this mezcal chocolate tasting is PERFECT for you! There's a great deal of heart and soul that goes into the making of mezcal. So when you pair that with the heart and soul that goes into creating fine chocolate, you end up with something truly special!

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