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Create Deeper Connections For Corporate Team Building

An expert-curated chocolate tasting is a fantastic way to help team members begin engaging in active two-way communication. It doesn’t matter whether your staff has been experiencing conflict or morale issues, chocolate is such a great way to connect people and facilitate receptivity to group growth. Host a chocolate connection event to strengthen relationships, improve productivity, and supercharge your team!

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Li Chen, DC  - Chiropractor

"This was the best 'team building' experience I’ve encountered. I feel I have something I can do to help this group thrive better and I feel heard."

Omar Flores, DC  - Chiropractor

"Dr. Ross is great, our staff was provided with stimulating conversation and we each learned something about our coworkers."

Team Building Chocolate
Connection Experience

A Chocolate Connection Experience is not your average chocolate tasting. For the purposes of team building, chocolate tasting is used as an experiential process for people to engage in seven cooperation skills.

These skills are essential to the healthy functioning of any company because gaining cooperation is essential for team growth and is involved in:

  • Effective problem-solving
  • Conflict management
  • Relationship building
  • Creating a positive and healthy work environment, and
  • Boosting trust, morale, mood, creativity, and productivity.
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